Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

You might look at Tremco Incorporated and wonder where you fit in, how you can make a difference in a company whose mission is providing high-performance building solutions.

The truth is, accomplishing that mission depends on team players with backgrounds in chemistry, engineering, technical marketing, IT and other areas to help us help our customers create energy- and water-efficient, comfortable, safe and sustainable buildings – ones that are good for people and the planet.

Here are a few examples of technology that you won’t find any place else in our industry.

SkyBEAM™ (Building Envelope Asset Mapping) is a groundbreaking program that uses drones equipped with high-definition (HD) and thermographic (infrared) cameras to locate buildings’ energy leaks, rooftop damage, deteriorating façades, safety issues and other potential problems. On April 18, 2016, SkyBEAM became the first drone approved by the FAA for nighttime commercial operation in the United States.

See a video about our historic first flight and click here to learn more.

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RoofTec uses extremely powerful, non-abrasive, rotating water jets to clean roof surfaces without the negative effects of power washing. Water conservation is extraordinary; it uses less than half the water of competitive systems and captures wastewater almost instantly. The small amount of cleaning solution used is environmentally safe. Its efficient operation makes it perfect for facilities in residential neighborhoods, like schools.

Watch RoofTec in action and click here to learn more.

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OneSeal maintenance products, developed in our lab, safely clean, prime and seal small holes and tears in roofs and walls in a matter of minutes. Using one or two spray cans could replace a potentially labor-intensive process that involves hauling buckets of adhesive and other materials up and down ladders to a roof.

Click here to see how easy OneSeal products are to use. If you’re curious about the groundbreaking chemistry behind OneStep Clean & Prime and One Seal Roof Sealant, click here.

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The state-of-the-art Sustainable Building Solutions Test Facility is used for testing uncontrolled air and moisture infiltration/exfiltration in building enclosures, pushing systems beyond ASTM standards to help avoid energy loss, structural deterioration and poor indoor air quality. You can read about the test facility and how it benefits our customers here.

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Our IT team, working independently and with the resources of our parent company RPM International, focuses on making all aspects of our business more productive and successful, which ultimately leads to better relationships with our customers. Projects currently include:

  • Data visualization and analytics
  • Mobile and web-based application development
  • Digital workplace
  • Cloud computing

That’s just a sample of what you could work on to help us continue setting standards in the construction industry.